"Child Rescue" - a State by State Bill

Intense fear, terror and helplessness, the child's spirit robbed - we all pay
.. we can change this!

Children's Lives Lost, our Personal Safety at Threat and We Pay Billions in Taxes

Over eight hundred thousand US children are victimized by mental trauma each year and its effects destroy every faction of society, and it gets worse. The direct and indirect consequences reach astounding numbers annually in the US, it's out of control.


The old question of why we could once keep our doors unlocked and feel safe, what changed? The answer is "trauma" propagates, and it will continue unless we change our awareness to address it head on.

This site provides volumes of research data demonstrating, unquestionably, that trauma to children is the #1 cause to chaos in society. In fact over 70% of all rapes, murders, abductions, robberies, drug additions, social service dependencies and gang violence's are the direct result of childhood traumas.

The solution is simple once we take the time to understanding trauma. This touches each and every life, we all pay;

  • Lost Child: The child victim suffers from lost potentials to completely lost lives. The once happy and carefree child is now destined to self destruction or to the destruction of others. A life of hyper vigilance, aloneness and depression is ahead for those who internalize the pain.

  • Personal Safety: The later adult effects of severe trauma to children have been documented by government agencies, universities and various medical institutions. Each study consistently arrives at the very same conclusions; few victims who externalize will likely cause chaos in society, without knowing why.

  • Tax Consequences: Studies as early as in 2001 have reported direct and indirect costs of trauma to children, as later adults, to one-hundred billion in tax dollars. Today's numbers have reached two-hundred billion dollars and this number continues to grow.

Child trauma is an ever growing tsunami causing irreparable damage to society and the destruction to children's lives. The cost to tax payers is enormous which includes countless social programs to helping the now adult victims and an ever expanding justice system to manage inevitable lawlessness - all after the fact.

We simply miss the root cause; "Severe trauma to children". Caught early we can rescue the child, heal the trauma and return a child's life. The problem becomes in missing this opportunity. As a result, our costs are amplified by a thousand to administer programs that merely sustain already destroyed lives and to continue adding more law enforcement to protecting our personal safety. We can change this!

"Without your support,
                              it simply can't happen."


NCTSN is a excellent source to understanding child trauma though is unable to lobby due to receiving grant funds. Please help make a positive change.


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We need your voice, not money - simply your voice. The truth is the greatest healer; for you, the many victims and their families.

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