"Child Rescue" - a State by State Bill

Intense fear, terror and helplessness, the child's spirit robbed - we all pay
.. we can change this!

   Exposing the most dangerous child abusers in society:


Please post this block in as many social sites as possible and encourage others to post as well. And most importantly, please take action immediately.

Please call and continue this campaign to expose some of the most violent child sexual abusers in New York Sate today. If this Bill does not pass this year, these abusers will have another year of destroying more children's lives.

Take action by calling AND emailing the following;

Joseph Lentol
contact http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/?ad=050&sh=contact

and include the following;

your party affiliation

your occupation

and then tell them;

"I want the 'Child Victims Act' brought to the floor for votes,  as it stands and including the look back window - which is most important. The 'Childs Victim Act' Bill helps close the gap by exposing those who raped and sodomized children, and got away. Please bring this Bill to the floor this week for a vote.."

The Bill: A05488

More info: http://childrescuebill.org/Yoursupport/YourSupport.htm


1. Those who traumatize our children cost New York taxpayers over $2 billion dollars a year. Why should taxpayers pay for their damage caused. (read about the cost at www.childrescuebill.org)

2. Identifying pedophiles and those who harbor them, which includes child pornography publishers, is an easy task. In murder, there are no statutes of limitation, we catch these criminals many years into the future, and the primary witness was murdered. In pedophilia, they average over 80 victims, that's a lot of witnesses, making proof a less difficult task. DNA can be tainted, while volumes of witnesses provide the most certain truth.

3. The damage done many times causes mental illness in the children victims, if not caught early. The most violent abusers will damage children for life, there are no statutes of limitation on the damage caused. As a result, many children later committed suicide and others institutionalized. Healing is in the truth, honesty, and this Bill delivers at least some justice to family members as it enables the truth exposed, honesty is now New York's rule.

Please ask them not to change this Bill, changing will only delay it. Delaying it means more arguments and freedom for some of the worst pedophiles to prey. If they suggest changes, tell them we will strengthen it to include more groups next year. We need a place to start, let's start here without delay. Without a start, nothing happens.

Other notes of useful information:

What this Bill Accomplishes: As known by the FBI, pedophiles seek out one another to share opportunities from within organizations. Some organizations are aware and choose to cover up the crimes, rather than to expose the pedophiles and child molesters. In fact, if those running the organization are pedophiles themselves, they will make certain the crimes of others are kept hidden. This Bill exposes those who cause harm to children and those who hide the crimes. (Those who hide it are the worst criminals of all. Had they helped the child, rather than hide the crime, a child's life would have been saved. Instead, it is the taxpayer who now picks up the tab.)


Red Flag

The Bill was stalled in the codes committee last year.


This Bill has already been processed in subcommittees, where they claimed it was to review some status. In fact, no status was ever reviewed. Instead, it was killed by those few who would lose the least, by voting it out and stopping it from reaching the floor, while protecting those of interest.