"Child Rescue" - a State by State Bill

Intense fear, terror and helplessness, the child's spirit robbed - we all pay
.. we can change this!

The Worst Offenders

Trauma to children come from a variety of forms; witnessing violence at home, in the streets and even through bullying. The most devastating and longest lasting traumas are those which have a direct threat to the child. There is no doubt that those who cause direct harm to children cause considerable pain and suffering. However based on proven study data, we are now able to classify the worst into groups by damage caused. 

Those who rape and sodomize children cause the most damage to society. Another known fact is this group will repeat their crimes more than once, many will achieve over eighty victims in a life time (We remain conservative on this as other studies have shown this number to be much higher.) What is surprising is that those who rape and sodomize children, especially those most violent, will likely never be caught and prosecuted.

Victims traumatized by this group will likely never come forward in due time as most states lack clear definition to the discovery rule in their Statutes of Limitations. We have recently witnessed a victim, Jaycee Lee Dugard, who by all means had every opportunity to escape or at least seek help. The reality is that it was trauma that kept that from happening. A question we might all ask; how old would she have been before she was able to come forward on her own? Some think never. Trauma changes brain functions and we have seen this before with the fifteen year old Missouri boy, Shawn Hornbeck, who had a bike to escape though remained with his captor.

In the cases above it was not the physical captivity, but a mental one. The reality is that a victim does not need to be held physically captive, to be captive. Worse is that those victims who internalize, live the cruelest lives imaginable. Self destruction is a life long quest and waking from the trauma many years into the future begins another and even crueler one, the realization of a life never lived. Some will wake in their forties, fifties, sixties and others never.

The good news is that it is easy to prove those who raped and sodomized children, mostly because they have many victims who can identify them. Even more positive is that by enabling cases to move forward, it triggers other victims to begin waking from their traumas to seeking help.

The Worst of the Worst

Those who witness and remain silent, and especially those who cover up the crimes are by all means the worst criminals of all. This group, although they may have never have engaged in the crime, commit the worst crimes against humanity. They are the enablers to those who rape and sodomize to reaching their eightieth victim. It can be said that those who raped where mentally ill, but those who helped in covering up the crimes acted out in self interest over the lives of traumatized children.

What kind of human being would it take to cover up such horrendous crimes against children? No matter their stake in covering up the crimes, to imagine they remained silent while a child is raped or sodomized? To imagine they never went to the rescue of a small child? What kind of human being could be so cold hearted, selfish and so inhumane?

We must all remind ourselves that this is about sodomized and raped children, there are NO excuses any reasonably thinking human being could ever accept. This Bill protects us and our children, and those who cause or aid in harm now pay the price. Why should we?

Civil Rights

The purpose of this Bill is not to deprive anyone of their civil rights, but to strengthen them. We are not going back in time to  hold the worst criminals imaginable legally accountable for cases that have come forward and judgments delivered. However, we can hold them accountable for crimes not fully discovered yet due to mental incompetence of the victim. Victim's mental readiness is too important, or otherwise we might miss opportunities to gathering all the details as a result of emotional and psychological distress. Just as a victim in a coma would not be able to come forward, so a victim traumatized is equally unable to come forward due to mental illness. The mental illness blocks out the horrors, without control, and the victim lives a pretend life that becomes difficult to identify until it explodes. We have seen this on the news time and again as those who caused damage were the least likely.

Also, we are not changing statutes of limitations for crimes. What we are doing is preserving the civil rights of victims by giving them a chance to come forward when they are mentally capable of emotionally dealing with the crime. After all, it would only fair as our laws already provide a Mental Competence Rule, we only need to offer clarification to it giving the victim ample time with help from their doctors. More often charges are dropped because of extreme emotional stress on the victim, leaving the criminal free to harm others. Without giving victims a chance for stability, we may never find out about the worst offenders who harm our children. Equally as important, this will also preserve each and every citizens civil rights to the protection we all deserve.

We must not excuse such horrendous crimes against our children and society. Instead, we must hold those who committed the crimes, along with those who help cover them up, fully accountable. There are no time limits that magically arrive when victims are able to establish mental readiness. Meanwhile there are also no time limits when those who rape and sodomize children will stop. This is a timeless crime as found with many who are seventy and eighty years old and still committing their crimes of rape and cover up.

"Without your support,
                              it simply can't happen."


Your Voice

There are no Statutes of Limitations on the pain and suffering of everyone.

Or for the lives lost by those who have committed suicide due to mental illness caused.

Or for the victims who internalize and suffer a life time of pain.

Or on the taxes everyone pays to cover social programs and lawlessness.

Or on our personal safety threatened.

Rape and Sodomy of children is the #1 cause to chaos in society and those who help cover up commit the worst crimes against humanity.