"Child Rescue" - a State by State Bill

Intense fear, terror and helplessness, the child's spirit robbed - we all pay
.. we can change this!

We Need Legislative Support

Ask your representatives to rescue our children.

Save Our Children
Minimize Crime Rates
Vastly Reduce Tax Expenditures

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"Without your support,
                              it simply can't happen."


Your Voice

We must not reduce education budgets while increasing the law enforcement one, doing this is not only foolish - it is backwards society.

Teachers represent our first and most important baseline to the success of our society. We need to equip our educators with the proper tools to identify children in need of help now. Cutting school budgets and not implementing a trauma program costs us 100 fold.

Equip our educators with the proper tools, educate society on the realities of trauma in children and we all win - especially our children.