"Child Rescue" - a State by State Bill

Intense fear, terror and helplessness, the child's spirit robbed - we all pay
.. we can change this!


A child traumatized will use an inexperienced mental process to coping with day to day problems. The more severe the trauma, the more likely it is pushed back without the control of the child. Pushing back causes an unawareness that restricts access to valuable resources to proper brain development. In effect, the child enters a mind altering process as the brain begins to develop abnormally. The longer the time it takes to rescue the child, the more complex the problem becomes. Once a victim becomes an untreated adult, and especially when addictions become the escape, the problem becomes far more complex. We can save these children.

There is no doubt the likeliness of the victim's life will change in the direction of self destructive behaviors or to the destructions of others. This inevitability has the largest negative impact on society; the child will live a different life - a lost life of unawareness. Victims who externalize will likely cause threats to our own personal safety. In addition we pay higher tax bills each year to growing our justice system in order to keep pace with lawlessness caused by those. We can drastically reduce violence.

We can create as many laws to stopping drug abuse, prostitution, robbery, rape and murder, but they will have virtually no impact. We can add more social services programs only to find that in the end we are spending more tax dollars than the year before. Even non-profit charities to deal with these problems are paid for heavily by grant money, nothing more than our tax dollars again. In fact all these do is bury the problem well after the fact, the root cause never addressed. We save tax dollars.

The correct solution is to identify those children traumatized and to help them. Even if the child returns to a home or neighborhood filled with threats, the child can learn to cope with adult help rather than to escape into chaos. The child can learn that the bad behavior is a mental disorder, it is not normal.

Creating a heightened sense of awareness will cause change and we all benefit.

Those who abuse deny their harm; we let them know we know the truth.

Those in gangs will know we understand they act out as an effect of mental illness, making them less tough and more self conscious to change

Awareness in society that accepts the truth helps in trauma awakening from those who have addictions. It may enable them to open their eyes to getting help.

Children are saved from potentially disastrous and lost lives.

Success in society is not measured by money or material possessions, but in stability. Some studies have suggested that a high percentage of those on public assistance where traumatized as children, some unknowingly harm their own children. Most would prefer a job working as the masses do, unfortunately they are limited, a process caused by trauma effects on normal rationalization.

We are born with brains that have a template for success, it is the inability to cope with traumas that negates it. The intent is not to excuse anyone for harming others, but rather to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The benefits to this Bill are limitless, we win and so do our children.


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Predicting Incarceration of Clients of a Psychiatric Probation and Parole Service
Phyllis Solomon, Ph.D., Jeffrey Draine, Ph.D. and Steven C. Marcus, Ph.D

Prisoners who received mental health services were less likely to repeat crimes, we still pay for these services.

Arrests, drug addiction programs and public mental health programs are the costs we all pay, after the fact. 

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