"Child Rescue" - a State by State Bill

Intense fear, terror and helplessness, the child's spirit robbed - we all pay
.. we can change this!

About Us

The truth is the greatest healer, for the victim and society. Our effort is two fold;

First it is to expose the worst criminals in our society who destroy children's lives.

Second is to help children disadvantaged by trauma to receiving help as early as possible. Identifying children in need, and helping them, improves their chances to grow into normal and healthy prospering adults in our society. Our efforts are to change laws enabling the discovery of traumatized children, the delivery of help to those in need and to ensure our youth's potentials are not lost.

Please help carry our message to schools, organizations and individual parent meetings to supporting our efforts. 

We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.


Your Voice

1 in 100 Adults are Incarcerated, we pay the price - 2.4 billion dollars is the annual cost in NY (NYS DOB). And these are only the "Direct" costs.

Over 30% of males and 55% of females incarcerated were sexually abused as children, others dealt with different traumas. What's common is they coped alone, due to threats from those who harmed them or by those who wanted the secrets kept. - isn't this a red flag?